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Who we are?
STEBAN Holdings Ltd is a company in a group of companies with the team that has more than 35 years of experiences in Project Investments, Industry, Business, Banking, and Trading platforms. 

What we do!
If someone like to Invest in our Portfolio or has an Investment Project, our world-wide Agents will contact you and check your project if they think there will be a possible interest from our investor group to make an investment in your project. Contact us here.

With customer references such as Samsung, NASA, Rolls Royce, major world banks and many more, we organize investors and investment projects through our United Kingdom based holding company.

STEBAN Holdings Ltd, has partner companies in USA, United Kingdom, and Hungary. If clients have investment projects, we are happy to receive those business proposals and/or business plans through our world-wide authorized agents. If there are needs for additional information and dialogue, we are happy to schedule a meeting with you at your convenience through our agents.

STEBAN Holdings Ltd has a long history of experience in assisting companies and entrepreneurs as a planning and working partner to assist in achieving profitable products and projects.

Let your money and project grow with our analysis and input
If you are in America, Asia, Africa or in Europe, Actually, it doesn't matter, our investment concept is developed to be easy to handle and follow for everyone, everywhere.

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Address: 37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN  United Kingdom
Company Reg No: 13981253, UK-FCA License No: 727231

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