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STEBAN Holdings Ltd

Who we are?
STEBAN Holdings Ltd is a company in a group of companies with the team that has more than 35 years of experiences in Project Investments, Industry, Business, Banking, and Trading platforms.

What we do!
If someone like to Invest in our Portfolio or has an Investment Project, our wold-wide Agents will contact you and check your project if they think there will be a possible interest from our investor group to make an investment in your project.  Contact us here.

Customers References

With customer references such as Samsung, Nasa, Rolls Royce, major world leading Banks and many more, we now offer our clients wealth management services and investment projects through STEBAN Holdings Ltd

Globally Connected
STEBAN Holdings Ltd have partner companies in USA, United Kingdom, and Hungary. If clients look for wealth management or investment projects we are more than happy to receive your business request for your potential investments plans and if there are questions that need to be answered we are happy to schedule a meeting with our world-wide Agents at your convenience.

Entrepreneurs with Inventions
STEBAN Holdings Ltd has a long experience in assisting companies and entrepreneurs and their projects with investments to achieve high tech and profitable products and projects.

Value Proposition
STEBAN Holdings Ltd stand out from its competitors through the client-centered approach that focuses on trust and integrity. Our service model has always been the same, to provide each client with a high level of personal service.

Solid Foundation
The principals of STEBAN Holdings Ltd have built a solid foundation of trust within the financial industry and with clients. Clients have experienced consistent and secure management of their funds which has led to a solid reputation of trust. We seek to build relationships that last for generations.

Trust and Loyalty
We are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients by adding value year after year. We recognize customers who wants to do business with a company they can trust; when trust is at the core of a company, it’s easy to recognize. Trust defined, is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of a business.

Our Client in Focus
At STEBAN Holdings Ltd we are deeply rooted in our belief that we must always act in our client’s best interest and must act in the highest ethical, moral, and fiduciary standards. Our priority is always our clients, and we focus exclusively on providing customized, planning-led advice to help our clients achieve their goals. If we serve our clients well, our own success will follow. Our clients entrust us to protect and grow their investments.

Core Values
The values of an organization comes from the founder. They are there from the very beginning, influencing the building blocks of vision, people and services. These values are the basis for every decision made within the organization and will serve as a guide to assist our clients and earn their trust.

The core values must not only be accepted but truly believed by all top level executives so it becomes ingrained in each and every employee. STEBAN Holdings Ltd focus on understanding the difference between what should never change and what should be open for change.

This rare ability to manage continuity and change—requiring a consciously practiced discipline—is closely linked to the ability to develop a vision. Vision provides guidance about what core to preserve and what future to stimulate progress toward.

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Address: 37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN  United Kingdom
Company Reg No: 13981253, UK-FCA License No: 727231

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